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Are you in need of a new job, or perhaps are in search of a new career? Well, for those of you living in the City of Bradford – a metropolitan borough of West Yorkshire – you are in a fantastic place in which to discover a brand new role.

There’s something for everyone in search of work in Bradford. Bradford is an attractive part of the country with fine, Victorian architecture including the grand Italianate City Hall as well as popular tourist attractions, such as Cartwright Hall filled with exquisite Victorian and Edwardian art work and the National Media Museum hosting a fascinating array of photography, film and television.

Bradford is a city full of wonderful sites with a large population of over 300,000 people. This makes it one of the highest populated areas within the United Kingdom. With such a vast population, it’s no surprise that Bradford is full of residential and commercial properties, providing work opportunities for many.

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Bradford is famous for its history in textiles and became an international centre of textile manufacture during the 19th century. During the Industrial revolution, it became a prosperous town and was known as the ‘wool capital of the world’. Despite Bradford’s decline during the mid-20th century, it has since been revived and currently has an economy worth over 7 billion.

Bradford has lots to offer to its residents, with a mixture of old and new, it truly has the best of both worlds. With its beautiful Victorian architecture, yet its contemporary retail stores and restaurants, there is a variety to do and see. Additionally, Bradford is a fantastic location to live and only a short distance from Yorkshire’s stunning Pennines and the bustling and diverse city of Leeds.

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If it’s a new job that you are seeking in the city of Bradford, then you’ll discover a wide array of career opportunities for all ages and all interests. Whether you’re in search of a role at Bradford Airport, Bradford Council or are looking to find yourself the perfect Administration, Retail or Banking role, you will be sure to discover a perfectly suited role in this fantastic city.

Despite Bradford’s remarkable history, it now has many modern features with a great deal of attractions to suit a mixture of ages and interests. Bradford is widely known as a multi-cultural city with a mixed ethnicity. With a significant Pakistani population, Islam is a prominent religion within the city, where there are a substantial number of Mosques. Bradford is only known for its history within the Christian religion, where Saxon preaching crosses were discovered on the site of Bradford Cathedral, indicating that Christians may have worshipped there since AD 627.

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For those of you who don’t know the area of Bradford, you will be thrilled to learn that Bradford is full of great shops, restaurants and night life. In addition, Bradford is home to the annual International Film Festival, which takes place in March each year at The National Media Museum.

In June 2009, Bradford was elected the world’s first ‘UNESCO City of Film’ for its links to film production and film distribution, a huge achievement. Bradford has been the chosen location for many a film, including the 1970s classic ‘The Railway Children’. It is also home to Simon Beaufoy, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Slumdog Millionaire.

So, if you’re a keen media enthusiast and would love to begin your career within the stimulating city of Bradford, then you’ve picked a fantastic location. Whether you’re looking for a part-time position or full-time position, you can be sure to discover the perfect job for you.